Under Cover - MaryJanice Davidson

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Under Cover


A collection of three of MaryJanice's novellas. The first story sets the stage for the last two.

Sweet Strangers

Renee Jardin is being pursued by the biotech firm, Anodyne, that she used to work for. She is accused of espionage and is on the run. When a government agent tracks her down she enlists his help to clear her name...and more.

Lovely Lies

Peter Random (security guard from the first story) finds a sleeping girl in the backseat of his car. He learns she is a reluctant heiress who is trying to outrun her evil stepfamily. She teaches Peter the meaning of life isn't money—there's so much more!

Delightful Deception

When Anodyne is taken over by boy-genius Dr. Jimmy Skrye, Dr. Thea Foster ("IQ"=ice queen) wonders how her life will change. She can't imagine...

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