The Silver Moon Elm: A Jennifer Scales Novel (book 3) - MaryJanice Davidson

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The Silver Moon Elm: A Jennifer Scales Novel (book 3)


I was just starting to get comfortable in my own skin—scaly as it is. I should have known that ever since I found out I'm half weredragon and half beaststalker, things don't stay normal for long. Following through on a promise I made my mom, I took her to Crescent Valley, where my dad and I take refuge with the other weredragons. There we met Xavier Longtail, a powerful elder dragon who doesn't believe peaceful coexistence is possible. And I started to think he was right, with all the trouble he stirred up in my family. We were all fighting and I wanted to just run or fly away...until my ex, Skip, came to my rescue and whisked me away to the movies. That's where I fell asleep and woke up to the sight of my hometown being overrun by werachnids.

Weredragons are long extinct...except for myself, of course, and the ominous Xavier Longtail. It's up to us to return the universe to normal. Can we trust each other enough to pull it off—or are we really the last of a dying breed?

(Co-written with husband Anthony Alongi)

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