Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light (book 2) - MaryJanice Davidson

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Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light (book 2)


Where would you find weredragons, beaststalkers, and werachnids? You guessed. My family reunion... Getting through high school is hard enough. Then add my weredragon life, with the trips to Crescent Valley to morph into a dragon under the constant threat of enemy attack. What's worse, I'm also half beaststalker from my mom's side. Beaststalkers and weredragons are mortal enemies, and tension is growing over some suspicious deaths lately. I must prove to both sides that they can live in harmony, just like my family. Well, most of the time...

And get this: I have a half brother with a few too many legs. Too bad he's bent on some payback for a lifetime of abandonment and my dad is his number-one target. My life's starting to look like a daytime talk show. Somehow I have to convince everyone to get along, before they take matters into their own claws...

(Co-written with husband Anthony Alongi)

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