Me, Myself and Why? (book 1) - MaryJanice Davidson

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Me, Myself and Why? (book 1)
The brand new series follows the anything but typical FBI Agent Cadence Jones. Cadence’s multiple personalities—including her two “sisters”, Shiro and Adrienne, serve as an invaluable “talent” to the FBI as the heroine sets off on an adventure to bring down the Threefer Killer.

Me, Myself, and Why? finds Cadence chasing after a serial killer who inexplicably likes to kill in threes, leaves behind mysterious newspaper clippings, and not a shred of decent forensic evidence. The killer soon starts leaving messages just for Cadence and her sisters; raising suspicion that the villain just may have discovered Cadence’s “talent”! Meanwhile, love blooms in the most unexpected place when Cadence meets her best friend’s gorgeous brother—a romantic development that leaves her best friend unenthused and our heroine second guessing!

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