Valentine's Day Is Killing Me - MaryJanice Davidson

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Valentine's Day Is Killing Me


In a moment of weakness, greeting card writer Julie Kay About accepts a blind date for Valentine’s Day. As if the restaurant’s snotty waiter, cheap chocolates and pastel-colored teddy bears aren’t enough, her date turns out to be the guy in handcuffs next to the dead body on the floor. At least he didn’t stand her up. How could a guy with beautiful, sky-blue eyes and sexy swimmer’s shoulders be a killer? Julie Kay is not about to have another horrible V-Day, even if she has to solve a murder and get her possibly homicidal date arraigned to do it.

Lost roses. Cancelled reservations. Broken dates. Arrests. Dead bodies. There’s always some reason to hate Valentine’s Day…unless the scene of the crime starts really heating up...

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