No Rest for the Witches - MaryJanice Davidson

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No Rest for the Witches
This is a paranormal romance anthology containing four short stories from four different authors.

The Majicka - By MaryJanice Davidson - a humorous tale about a wealthy farm/land owner that takes in stray folk from the mystical realm; a fairy, a vampire, a werewolf and a woman trapped within a car. When another mysterious stranger ends up on her doorstep it's to reveal something otherworldly about herself.

Voodoo Moon - By Lori Handeland - A serial killer who leaves absolutely no clues at the crime scenes in a small town, except voodoo dolls, has the sheriff finally asking for help from the FBI. Skeptical agent Dana Duran doesn't believe in things that go bump in the night, but soon she starts seeing things she can't explain with her own eyes.

Breath of Magic - By Cheyenne McCray - A battle between good an evil and the possession of a powerful eye ensues in the city and the witches are paired up with Tuatha D'Danann warriors to help them in this power struggle.

Any Witch Way She Can - By Christine Warren - A human girl surrounded by a family of magical foxwomen, werewolves and other magical entities is an oddity. Randy doesn't mind her human status but seeks to find a love ever lasting conjuring a spell from one of her cousin's magical books. The result lands her in her grandmother's house in the middle of a dinner party in nothing but her pajamas.

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