Mysteria - MaryJanice Davidson

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maryjanice-davidson-mysteria MJ introduces us to Cole Jones, a werewolf who was raised in foster homes and is seeking a home of his own. He is enchanted by the only house for sale in Mysteria, even though the realtor sign reads "FOR CRYING out loud, think about what you're doing! This is a weird, weird town. There's a reason this house has been on the market going on ten years. Think carefully before you so much as set foot on the law." As the story develops, the realtor has something else to offer that Mr. Jones can't resist! A very sexy story complete with MJ's unique brand of comedic humor that will be sure to entertain!

Mysteria is inhabited by "hunky werewolves, delicious demons, and drop-dead sexy witches." The town is located somewhere in the Rocky Mountains and was founded by the Demon High Lord of Self-Doubt and Second Thoughts in a random act of kindness.

(Berkley Sensation)

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